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Wedding String Quartet animated guide

6 Step Guide Presentation Script

Slide 1 – The Quartet

Hi, welcome to our string quartet guide to wedding music. That’s us, the Avoca String Quartet, and we want to answer all your questions about weddings.

Slide 2 – Instruments

First of all, you should know what instruments we have. There are two violins, accompanied by a viola and cello.

Slide 3 – Intro

So, without further ado, let’s start our 6 step guide to wedding string quartets.

Slide 4 –  Step 1

Number 1. What does the average string quartet cost? Well, in Europe, it’s about €600, in America about $700, and in Britain about £550. But remember, the quality and experience of the quartet will influence this. Locally based musicians will always keep down the cost.

Slide 5 – Step 2

Number 2. What music style does a typical string quartet play? Most will play pop, jazz, classical, traditional. In fact, a quartet can play anything so long as there is sheet music available. That means the music in the written form.

Slide 6 – Step 3

Number 3. What pieces of music do you want? Two things. Check out the repertoire of your quartet. A good quartet will have a long list of pieces to choose from. Also check out the internet. For example, do a search on YouTube for wedding string quartet music.

Slide 7 – Step 4

Number 4. How many pieces should you choose and where do they go? For a catholic ceremony, there are 7 places in the mass where you should put music.

Slide 8 – Step 4 Continued..

The processional. The offertory. Two pieces at the communion. Two at the register. And finally the recessional.

Slide 9 – Step 5

Number 5. Prior arrangements. The church should be open 1 hour in advance to allow the quartet to rehearse. Choose a location for the quartet in the church. Make sure there is space for 4 armless chairs.

Slide 10 – Step 6

Number 6. Do you want additional musicians? Sometimes people choose a female singer, whom the quartet will accompany. Or sometimes an organist is chosen.

Slide 11 – Further Resources

Well, hope you enjoyed our 6 step guide, and found it informative. Here are some extra resources for you to explore.

Slide 12 – Good Choice

Good choice!

Slide 13 – Finished Reading

Are you finished reading?

Slide 13 – Finished Reading

Are you finished watching?

Slide 14 – Finale

So that’s it folks! To get this 6 step guide in graphic format, please click below!

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