Terms and Conditions

Before making a booking with the Avoca String Quartet, please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Booking Terms & Conditions

On making a booking with The Avoca String Quartet, the customer accepts the following terms.

  • The booking deposit of EUR 50.00 is non refundable.

Once a booking is made, The Avoca String Quartet will understandbly refuse bookings for the same time or day from any other interested parties. If the customer decides to cancel the booking they have with The Avoca String Quartet, he may stand to lose financially as there may be difficulty in securing an alternative booking. It is for this reason that the booking deposit will be retained and cannot be returned to the customer, to cover in some measure this potential financial loss. Please note, when a booking is secured and deposit paid, the client shall not change the terms of the contract to a lesser-value booking within 56 days of the event. If the client wishes to change the terms of the agreed booking, the full original price will be due.

  • The outstanding payment should be made by cash on the day of performace or else by cheque/bank draft 2 weeks prior to the event

Cheques and bank drafts should be made payable to ‘Denice Doyle’.

  • The outstanding payment should be made on the day of the performance, but prior to the event beginning.

If The Avoca String Quartet is performing at a wedding ceremony, payment should be made in the church before the ceremony begins.

  • For wedding ceremonies, the time indicated as the start time will be taken as such – if the ceremony begins more than 15 minutes late, due to the late arrival of the bride, the performance may be cancelled or a charge of €400 an hour may be levied on the day.

The booking is taken on the understanding that The Avoca String Quartet may be engaged elsewhere on the same day or evening, for rehearsals, concerts, or other functions. Therefore to make sure these other engagements aren’t put in jeopardy, The Avoca String Quartet may have to cancel if the bride is late arriving and causes the ceremony to be delayed by more than 15 minutes. Or if the start time is incorrectly provided to the quartet then a charge of €400 an hour or part thereof may be levied and payable on the day at the request of the quartet.

  • If a member of any of Avoca Music’s groups is unavailable, he or she will be replaced by a musician of equal quality and reputation.

If for whatever reason a musician is unavailable for an engagement, whether through illness or for some other reason, that musician or musicians will be replaced by musician(s) of equal quality and reputation, and this said reputation and quality will be the opinion of Avoca Music Productions.

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